Thursday, March 24, 2011

End of winter, I hope.

  Two rides on two bikes today.  Took the Dummy to town and decided it must be time to change out the studded tires.  Will get to that tomorrow.  Although it was below freezing it was clear and sunny.  Beautiful ride.  Interesting how different it was to be on the Dummy after a couple weeks riding a fixie exclusively.
  Got a bug around 9 this evening to go out for another ride.  Believe it was stimulated by looking at the ALL-CITY bikes web site.  Something to dream about especially now that freewheel multi-gear cassettes have been "taxed" with a 10% import duty.
  Did a short 8KM figure 8 lap around the block, half of it on gravel.  The new SOMA SPARROW bars on the SteamRoller are really nice.  There were some tougher stretches of gravel still covered with a pretty thick layer of yesterdays snow but  the stars were fantastic.

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