Sunday, May 13, 2012


I've been lost for months.  Finally picking things up again.  Great ride to Faribault on Saturday included groceries, a stop at Milltown Cycles and three separate sitings of SandHill Cranes on the way home.  Most enjoyable was the brief chat with an older woman at her mail box.  We would have never chatted had I been driving.  She was quite adamant I cover-up so I wouldn't get sun burned.
Speed isn't where it was before shoulder injury but endurance is still there.  My shoulder did get a bit stiff after a couple hours.
Everybody likes the re-build on the Dummy.  Added a new Brooks B-17 also on Saturday.  Natural organic leather.  Should age out beautifully.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Blues

  The day started with high winds.   Took a walk around the property this afternoon and things just didn't feel right.  The wind has dropped and it is at time almost stifling hot.  The next moment there is an odd cool breeze.  The birds seem to be sending it too.  They are loud and chattering away and then suddenly prolonged silence.  It almost feels like it did just before the St. Peter storm of the late 90's.  Going to have to keep an eye on the weather as the sun sets tonight.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny Saturday

  Absolutely beautiful day for a ride.  Had to be the nicest Saturday trip to Faribault I have had since October of last year.  On the trip in I came across 4 roadies.   Kept pace with them through Shieldsville but just couldn't keep it up.  All four of their bikes combined probably weigh less than the Big Dummy.  Picked up 42 Kilos of groceries and supplies in town.  Stopped by Milltown Cycles for a coffee and got a really good ice cream cone next door.  After a brief chat I made my way home.  Almost started wishing I had started earlier as the wind started to pick up to a steady 12 KM/hour.  58 KM all toll.  Should a guy really get to have so much fun on a Saturday?
  To the fool with the red Chevy pick-up that thought I would be impressed with his exhaust system at the I-35 / MN-21 interchange, I wasn't.  You know if you had a bigger d!$k you wouldn't need to have a truck that was that loud.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March

  Out like a lamb in a cloudy way.  Although the temperatures are and have been below normal (whatever that is) it seems to be getting warmer.  Predictions are for snow tonight and again on Sunday.  Got a nooner ride in around campus, couple of laps around the ring road and one trip to Skoglund.  Those are some tough hills on a fixie, at least they seem so to me.  Did a big Dummy cruise to town after work.  My average speed is up about 5KM/hr, going to give credit to the training runs on the SteamRoller and the couple of noon time rides with the EMVC group.
  Troll is slowly coming together.  Ordered the wheels yesterday.  Ben Witt worked with me through several options.  Ended up deciding to have him build a set with DT Swiss 370 hubs.  They should be the only set I ever need for the Troll.  Made a preliminary choice on Shimmano 3 x 9 drivetrain.  Had hoped to have this altogether by today but now it looks like the end of April.  Look-out gravel roads!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday rides

  Headed out for a noon time ride with the EMVC group but a train got in my way.  Ended up doing the Carleton Wind Generator loop on my own.  The SteamRoller pulled me through the 20.1KM loop with ease, even bucking the wind.  Ben Witt caught up with me towards the end.  We both agreed we need more road time to get into better shape.
  After work I finally got around to changing out the tires on the Big Dummy.  It was a different ride to town to lift weights with the Big Apple tires, they are a lot quieter and the roll is different.  Weights went well.  The wind shifted so I had head winds both directions!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


  Nice sunset ride down 99 then a loop around Lake Mazaska on the SteamRoller.  33.1KM (5.5 on gravel). Lots of interesting wildlife sightings.  Thought I could see Troll tracks on the gravel loop around Mazaska and then just before I got back on Highway 21 a coyote dashed across the road in front of me.  Stopped to take a sip of coffee just before climbing the hill at the intersection of 21 and 99 and I had three Great Blue Herons off to the side of the road and then three Sandhills flew overhead.  I thought it was a a successful ride at that point.  Cresting the hill there were 35 Whitetail deer!
  The interesting thing about encountering wildlife while riding is that a bicycle seems to be more disturbing than an automobile to them.  Last week there was a Bald Eagle roosting in a tree at the end of the driveway and car after car went by without seeming to even phase it.  But the moment I rolled under it flew away.
  Found a pretty nice flashlight just before turning into the drive too.  Except for the headwind for the first half of the ride it was a very nice evening!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sandhill Cranes Return

  The Sandhills are back in the area.  Spotted five of them on the knob at the intersection of Highway 99 and Rice County 63.  The fact that there are 5 is good news.  In years past there have only been two adults and one chick/adolescent.  One can hope that this means there has been an increase in the returning "flock".  I believe this are the same birds I have seen over the past five or six years while riding as far south as Kilkenny, north to Heidelberg and east to Fox Lake.  Sure sign of spring!  Off for a moonset ride and coffee.  The studded tires come off the Dummy this morning too!