Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March

  Out like a lamb in a cloudy way.  Although the temperatures are and have been below normal (whatever that is) it seems to be getting warmer.  Predictions are for snow tonight and again on Sunday.  Got a nooner ride in around campus, couple of laps around the ring road and one trip to Skoglund.  Those are some tough hills on a fixie, at least they seem so to me.  Did a big Dummy cruise to town after work.  My average speed is up about 5KM/hr, going to give credit to the training runs on the SteamRoller and the couple of noon time rides with the EMVC group.
  Troll is slowly coming together.  Ordered the wheels yesterday.  Ben Witt worked with me through several options.  Ended up deciding to have him build a set with DT Swiss 370 hubs.  They should be the only set I ever need for the Troll.  Made a preliminary choice on Shimmano 3 x 9 drivetrain.  Had hoped to have this altogether by today but now it looks like the end of April.  Look-out gravel roads!

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