Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Blues

  The day started with high winds.   Took a walk around the property this afternoon and things just didn't feel right.  The wind has dropped and it is at time almost stifling hot.  The next moment there is an odd cool breeze.  The birds seem to be sending it too.  They are loud and chattering away and then suddenly prolonged silence.  It almost feels like it did just before the St. Peter storm of the late 90's.  Going to have to keep an eye on the weather as the sun sets tonight.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny Saturday

  Absolutely beautiful day for a ride.  Had to be the nicest Saturday trip to Faribault I have had since October of last year.  On the trip in I came across 4 roadies.   Kept pace with them through Shieldsville but just couldn't keep it up.  All four of their bikes combined probably weigh less than the Big Dummy.  Picked up 42 Kilos of groceries and supplies in town.  Stopped by Milltown Cycles for a coffee and got a really good ice cream cone next door.  After a brief chat I made my way home.  Almost started wishing I had started earlier as the wind started to pick up to a steady 12 KM/hour.  58 KM all toll.  Should a guy really get to have so much fun on a Saturday?
  To the fool with the red Chevy pick-up that thought I would be impressed with his exhaust system at the I-35 / MN-21 interchange, I wasn't.  You know if you had a bigger d!$k you wouldn't need to have a truck that was that loud.